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the leventina valley

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Calonico Church along the Strada Alta


Traditional Leventinese house in Sobrio

The Leventina Valley is the northernmost region of the Canton of Ticino, at the foot of the Gotthard Pass, the main crossing point of the Alps. This strategic location in the heart of the Swiss Alps has always shaped the history of this region, making it the main communication route between northern and southern Europe for many centuries.

Leventina is the perfect region for mountain lovers. Thanks to its breathtaking views, the many side valleys with fresh alpine lakes and villages with traditional wooden architecture, it is the perfect place for holidays with friends or family to spend outdoors.

The village of Osco, in which the Casa Bella Oschesina stands, is located in the center of the Valley at 1,150 meters above sea level with a panoramic view of the middle and upper Leventina and of Faido: the man town of the Valley, located on the valley floor. In Faido there is the nearest railway station (with Postbus service to Osco), supermarkets, sports shops, bars and restaurants.

Osco is the arrival of the first stage of the famous Strada Alta trekking: a wonderful three-day route from Airolo to Biasca that runs through the entire valley along the ancient mule track in the middle of the mountains that for centuries led armies, traders and ordinary travelers along the Via Alpina of the Gotthard.

The Leventina Valley is served both by long-distance rail transport and by the motorway that crosses the valley. The Faido highway exit can be reached in just over an hour and a half from both Milan and Zurich and in 10 minutes you can reach Osco via a pleasant panoramic road.


Traditional Leventinese house in Rossura


Rossura Church and Osco in the distance

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